VIFF: City of Life

Tonight, with Miss Laura Clarke, we’re attending the Vancouver International Film Festival screening of this film from the United Arab Emirates, City of Life. It looks really cool. Check out the trailer:

From VIFF site:

Director Ali F. Mostafa’s polished and intense urban drama pulses with the manic energy of the city of Dubai. One of the first feature films to be written, directed and produced in the United Arab Emirates, it reflects urban life there very effectively. To quote the producers: “City of Life ultimately explores the complex network that exists in an emerging multicultural society in terms of race, ethnicity and class divides.” Very well received by audiences at the Dubai festival (the first – and now one of three! – major international film festivals in the region), City of Life is as interesting for its “god’s eye view” of a gleaming and very tall city famously built on spectacle, money and dreams, as it is for its humane kaleidoscope of converging experiences.

Faisal (Saoud Al Kaabi) is a young Arab male, rich, who finds the strictures of his culture to be too much to bear – he drinks and carouses with his friends and takes life at 100 mph. Disillusioned Indian cabbie Basu (Sonu Sood) makes extra money by moonlighting as a dancer at a fake Bollywood club, thanks to his uncanny resemblance to a Bollywood star. Natalia (Alexandra Maria Lara) is a former Romanian ballet dancer now working as a flight attendant and searching for love in all the wrong places… All three lives are about to collide…

Here is a behind the scenes interview with Ali F. Mostafa:

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