Unplug from the Matrix: My First Sensory Deprivation Float

I recently tried out a 90 minute sensory deprivation float at Salt Wellness Centre in South Surrey. It was a truly unique experience that transitioned me through various states of mind. First, I was a little apprehensive to get into a dark, sealed tank, but they did offer a nightlight if you chose. The tank door is huge and readily available. I am a pretty tall guy but still had plenty of space. It wasn’t scary at all.

I enjoyed the novelty and relaxation of floating in the Epsom salts‎ and settled in, trying to find the right place to put my arms. After a while I started exploring the space around me without any light. Here’s the weird thing. I put my hand in front of my face and I felt like I could see it, but it was pulsating with energy, like I could see the soul inside my hand and the aura and energy within it! I waved it around and it left tracers swooshing through the blackness. For real, this happened! I looked beyond and witnessed a hallucination of swirling lights that are reminiscent of an acid trip. I also felt like I was traveling through space or down a black hole like in Interstellar. Trippy.

I moved beyond that and for a bit I felt the need to touch something, stretch and contort just to receive that physical feedback. I sat up at this point but my face and body felt so heavy, I decided to lay back down. Make sure you don’t get the salt in your eyes, by the way. That stings!

Near the end of the float, it become more focused and wrapped my arms and legs together, laying motionless as if solidified in cement. I learned this was because the salts were crystallizing on my body. The music gave way to absolute silence and I descended into the deepest state of meditation. Apparently the music was still on but only binaural beats, a frequency only audible to your subconscious mind.

Salt Wellness Centre is located nearby in Surrey, BC. You should give it a try!

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