The Girly Show – Dr. David Beatty Personal History

Dad tells the story of his 1952 high school grad road trip across the USA in a 1936 Chevy Straight-6 with his buddy Doug. One of their first stops was New Orleans for an experience they could never forget!

He says their visit to Lake Pontchartrain, New Orleans was the first time he and Doug (a couple of small town country bumpkins) had seen a nude ‘girlie show’ but it turns out they weren’t exactly girls but in fact New Orleans drag queens! They had no idea what that was at the time!

New Orleans Drag Queens(I’m guessing this is the exact “Queer” Drag Queen Show Lounge Dad and Doug visited as it was right on Lake Pontchartrain, New Orleans as mentioned.)


Listen to his hilarious account… keep in mind he’s telling it from the perspective of a 1950’s country boy, so please forgive some of the language he uses.

The Story Continues!

After I showed him this video, Dad’s youngest brother told me the part of the story Dad left out: Dad brought back some girlie photos (of topless women) from New Orleans but when he was moving out to get married he gave them to this younger brother (11 years old at the time! LOL). Their father later found them and boy was he pissed at Dad! Too funny! Reminds me of The Wonder Years!
David and Hal Beatty with dog - 1950s(Here’s a photo of Dad [right] and his youngest brother on the family farm circa 1952.)


By the way, during Dad’s trip across the USA with Doug they wrote letters home to the local newspaper, The Williamston Enterprise. I plan to publish them all here so stay tuned. Lots more interviews with Dad as well!

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