Beatty / Bissell Family Slide Film Collection

I have digitized three large collections of old (mostly Kodak Kodachrome and Ektachrome) slides dating back as far as 1933 from Dad (David Pierce Beatty), my grandparents (W. James & Mary Ellen Bissell) and Mom (Mary Jean Beatty).

This page was made for for sharing amongst family members. Only those with the URL can find and access it. Many of the slides were mixed up and uncategorized, but thanks to notes provided, I was able to break them down into individual sets as below. For each collection, the bold link labeled ‘Slides – All’ provides a single merged but unsorted album.

When viewing the photos in Google Photos, click the ‘three dots’ in the top right to bring up the file download option for saving them out to your device. It’s worth installing the Google Photos app on your phone for the best mobile experience, otherwise they should come up in your web browser. Enjoy!

David Pierce Beatty

W. James & Mary Ellen Bissell

Mary Jean Beatty