Roadkill Hunters Season 2 – Watch it Here!

The Maritimes! The Eastern Most Rural Frontier of the Country!

One man, his wife and nephew take you through the perilous tasks of discovering the most outrageous and horrendous pieces of roadkill out there on the rural roads!

Watch them quiver in fear as they get chased by Nature’s Demons: The Black Bear! The Lynx! and the So-Called Eastern Chipmunk!

Series Creator, Daman Beatty on the Origins of Roadkill Hunters:

“As a child, I got run over by a car in the small maritime town of Sackville, New Brunswick. The impact of the vehicle broke off my rib and it stabbed me through my lung, sending me to the Emergency Room. I survived, but only ’cause the doctors had to bludgeon a hose into my side to drain the blood into a 9 litre glass carboy. The other children in the village began to call me ‘Roadkill’ and it became my name for a time. I had it embroidered on my hat. (This all actually did happen on September 11, 1993!) This brush with death inspired me to seek out other roadkills like myself, and led me to form The Roadkill Hunters of the Maritimes.”

Now available for your viewing pleasure…


In this follow up to the smash hit series, “ROADKILL HUNTERS”, we find our hunters, Daman, Fatima and Oliver a year later. The gang reunites after some time apart to bring back the action for ROADKILL HUNTERS, PART TWO!!

For those who missed it…


“A man, his wife and nephew drive around searching the backroads and highways of rural New Brunswick, Canada to find various types of wild animals killed by automobile traffic.”

Originally from Sackville, New Brunswick. A longtime media producer, visual designer, marketing and communications specialist, Daman loves travel, technology and being a Dad.

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