Mount Seymour to Dog Peak, North Vancouver, BC

I took Fatima up to one of my favourite spots on the north shore a couple weeks ago. Hard to believe there was still so much snow up there!


This is an ideal, easy hike for a day when you didn’t roll out of bed until noon, especially in fall and winter when daylight is limited. And it’s great for snow shoeing, too. On a clear day, the rocky summit provides nice mountain views of Lynn Peak and Coliseum Mountain, and the outlines of Crown Mt. can be seen in the distance. To the south-west, there’s Vancouver, with Stanley Park, the Lions Gate Bridge and Point Grey. Remains of an old cabin can be found at the south end of the bluff.

At the north-west end from the Mt. Seymour parking lot, there’s a BC Parks sign with map and trail information. Go north for about 25 metres, and then take your left into the forest, following the sign for the trail to “First Lake” and “Dog Mountain”. The trail is a mix of rocks, roots and needles.

After about 20 minutes, you’ll reach First Lake. After re-entering the woods, you’ll pass through an area of small ponds, and another 25 minutes or so takes you to the rocky bluff of Dog Mountain. To do a loop on your way back, retrace your steps until you reach First Lake, and then take the “First Lake Trail”. Passing by “Dinky Peak” (elevation is 1117m) gives you another nice view before the parking lot.

Take the Upper Levels Highway (Hwy #1), exit Mt. Seymour, and swing right onto Mt. Seymour Parkway. At Mt. Seymour road, take the left and go up to the very top.


Dog Mountain Trail Mount Seymour, North Vancouver, BC, Canada

Dog Mountain Trail Mount Seymour, North Vancouver, BC, Canada

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