Moleskin Notebook Art

This collection of artworks people have created in their pocket sized moleskin notebooks is inspiring. I need to get one of these and do this: Showcase of Creative and Beautiful Moleskine Art


Moleskine is an Italian brand of high-quality notebooks made in Milan, designed around the black notepads that were popular amongst 19th and 20th century’s artists and writers including Oscar Wilde, Vincent van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Ernest Hemingway and Henri Matisse.

To generalize Moleskine as a diary and sketchbook is an understatement because given its convenience one can carry it from time to time, place to places which allow them to jot down, scribble or anything at all. Whether it is a special moment or even random encounter, as long as you are mused by it you can jot it down right away. Ways to jotting things down in Moleskine itself is amazing because you can do it anyway you want. This will bring us to the essence to this article.

We gathered 30 magnificent diverse examples of brilliant Moleskine art, ready to muse and amaze.

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