Matier Glacier, Hiking Joffre Lakes

(A still from the video showing me drinking from a stream along the Joffre Lakes Trail – you’re supposed to boil the water!)

An adventure to Matier Glacier, Joffre Lakes Provincial Park in Mount Currie, BC. The trail is about 3 hours from Vancouver, just past Pemberton. It passes three lakes (each a striking, saturated turquoise blue) then leads you to the majestic Matier Glacier where waterfalls spew down carrying blue silt colouring the lakes below.

joffre lakes

Sometimes the wilderness calls to me and I need to get out there. I asked people on Twitter to suggest locations for a true hiking adventure. Joffre Lakes Provincial Park was the immediate response. After some research, I discovered this trail was surrounded by glacial scenery equally as breathtaking as Jasper or Banff. Sold!

Joffre Lakes is about 3 hours from Vancouver, just past Pemberton. My wife, Esmir Milavic and I drove along the Sea-to-Sky Highway to Joffre Lakes Provincial Park.

View from the hike at Joffre Lakes Provincial Park

The trail at Joffre passes three lakes, each a striking, saturated turquoise blue. We quickly approached the first lake and observed U-shaped valleys, jagged peaks, silt and lateral moraines created by Matier Glacier perched atop Joffre Peak.

Forest and streams from Joffre Lakes hike

We emerged into a clearing shortly past the first lake where the valley opened up to display a million shades of green. Inexperienced hikers might have difficulty crossing piles of boulders at this most rugged section of the trail.

Camp site at Joffre Lakes Provincial Park

For most of the trek we were in the presence of a powerful, churning mountain stream. We crossed it several times on crude bridges made of fallen logs. At the end of the trail we arrived at the majestic Matier Glacier where some hikers camped overnight. Waterfalls spewed from the glacier carrying blue silt, which colored the lakes below.

The experience was everything I hoped for and more. Next time, I want to camp overnight at that beautiful place! If you are seeking a challenging and exhilarating hike and a raw, outdoor adventure, go to Joffre Lakes Provincial Park.

Enjoy our video of the hike below:

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