Fort Beasejour & Aulac, New Brunswick

Fort Beauséjour, (also known as Fort Cumberland) was built during Father Le Loutre’s War from 1751-1755; it is located at the Isthmus of Chignecto in present-day Aulac, New Brunswick, Canada. The property is now a National Historic Site officially known as Fort Beauséjour – Fort Cumberland National Historic Site.

This place is rich in history. Dad gave me a good book about the fort: The Siege of Fort Cumberland, 1776: An Episode in the American Revolution. (See also in Google Books)

About the book:

Focusing on the revolutionary movement in the Fort Cumberland region of Nova Scotia in 1775-76, Ernest Clarke explores why supporters of American independence did not prevail in this British North American colony. He reveals how the siege of Fort Cumberland shaped the attitudes of Nova Scotians to the revolution and to their place in the North American world.

Clarke describes events in Nova Scotia leading up to the siege of Fort Cumberland by the Continental army in 1776 and argues that from the beginning of hostilities Nova Scotians’ primary loyalty was to Britain. He examines the attitudes of the various players in the region – New England planters, Acadians, Native peoples, Yorkshiremen, and Scots-Irish – and their responses to the call to arms issued by the revolutionary forces in the thirteen colonies. Clarke is the first to take the Nova Scotia patriots seriously and explain their motives instead of damning them as rebels.

An in-depth study of a British colony’s reaction to and ultimate rejection of independence, The Siege of Fort Cumberland will be of great interest to colonial historians in Canada and the United States.

Fatima, Ollie and I paid a quick visit to the site on our way to Amherst. We found some interesting stores in Aulac as well, such as Smoker’s Heaven drive through smoke shop.


Fort Beasejour & Aulac, New Brunswick

In this photo where I am lifting Ollie up, in the distance, behind the row of cannons, you can see the new wind farm being built on the marshes outside of Amherst.

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