Former Port Elgin Regional Memorial Junior High School

We paid a visit to my old junior high (formerly a high school) in Port Elgin, NB. The school has been closed for years now but I attended grades 7 and 8 there in 1987-89. It is now owned by Atlantic Windows and used as a warehouse, I believe.

Check out this historical excerpt from Tantramar Heritage Trust article “It Was A School Like No Other:” Port Elgin’s Regional Memorial High School:

On the evening of Sept. 7, 1948 all roads led to Port Elgin. The occasion was the official opening of the Regional Memorial School by the Lieutenant Governor Hon. D. L. MacLaren. It had been suggested that the new facility might be named in honour of Magee; but he rejected the idea. Instead he suggested that the school “be dedicated in memory of the fallen in two world wars.”

Estimates of crowds are often unreliable; however, there is agreement that on this occasion, the auditorium was “filled to overflowing;” as upwards of 1,000 people were in attendance. Magee was in the chair and confessed “with pride” that he felt like ”Joe Louis after winning a championship boxing match.” Dr. Fletcher Peacock was also present and reminisced about his long career in education.

Former Port Elgin Regional Memorial Junior High School

If anybody has information about the rickety, condemned-looking old ‘Orange House’ pictured below which is situated across the road from the old school, please let me know. There must be a good story there.

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  • John R. Merriam

    I am currently 71 years old living in Berwick NS. I attended RMS from grade 7 to 12 when my family lived in Port Elgin. I graduated in 1962 or 63, then joined the RCMP.
    (1) The building across the road from the school I knew as Reid’s Diner (Roy Reid). We would often go there at lunch for fries and a pop. He also had a couple of pin ball machines. He moved away sometime before I graduated and the store then closed.

    (2) The Magee house across from the school is now a nursing home, but was once the residence of Fred Magee. Beside it were his offices where he operated a cannery for lobster and vegetables. It was located where Atlantic Windows now has a factory. The offices is now the town administration. Behind the Magee residence was a garage which partly hung over the river. Inside was a grey 1952 Packard which Magee owned. It was like new. At that time, the car would have been about 10 years old. Magee died in 1952, so he may have bought the car in the fall of 1951. There was an elderly lady living there in the early 60’s, may have been a sister or sister-in-law.

    John Merriam

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