Europe 2014 Part 2: Liverpool Riverfest

Travel Journal: Sunday, June 15, 2014

We slept in until 11am and missed the free breakfast ending at 10. As we lazed in bed, outside our window we heard loud drumming, music and commotion. I jumped up to see. In the distance was a guy hovering over the water in a jet suit. We discovered there was a river festival going on.

(Brought my vitamins and supplements.)


We got ready without delay to see all the action. I unsheathed my new Canon EOS 70D SLR camera for its first official travel shoot.

First, we stopped at Costa Cafe for some coffee and a snack. I had two granola bars and Fatima had a muffin. We browsed a little shop with a nautical theme then made our way to the tall ships.

We boarded a ship and suddenly the sky ripped open with a 4-plane aerial performance! The airplanes drew smoke lines across the sky and performed dangerous acrobatic stunts. At one point they drew an enormous heart in the sky. There were tons of people about and we moved along with the crowd to take more photos.

We passed the docks toward the museums and city hall “Liver Building” with its twin towers topped by huge heavy Liver birds, the symbol of Liverpool.

There was a large concert stage with the Rat Pack Live – Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Junior impersonators. They were great and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves.

We saw several food trucks including one selling vegan meals. We went there and bought falafel pita wraps. They were so delicious with pine nuts and raisins! We sat on the ledge, listened to the show and ate our lunch.

prehistoric elk

Around 3pm we headed over to the Convention Centre to set up Fatima’s tradeshow booth. We stopped briefly at the Liverpool Museum along the way, then walked along the river’s edge towards the centre. Suddenly the airplanes buzzed by again as we watched a game of kayak basketball with much cheering.

I helped Fatima set up the booth. When they printed our badges, Fatima gave her name, “Fatima Beatty.” When they asked mine, I said “Daman” to which they asked, “last name?” and I said, it’s the same. So they printed “Daman Daman” on my badge.

After setup we rushed to the hotel quickly to change for a wine reception where they brought out all the attendees. Later we rested at ‘home’ then set out for dinner around 9pm.

Most of the restaurant/bars kitchens had closed but we found this great little place called Gusto. We each had pasta and it was amazing.

After dinner we strolled the waterfront and took some night shots. I finished reading Into the Wild and wrote in my travel journal.

Time for sleep.

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