Baby “Fatman” 3D Ultrasound at 28 Weeks

My wife Fatima is pregnant. We’re currently at 28 weeks with the baby due on September 29, 2015. We do not know the sex, so we shall refer to this baby for now as baby “Fatman” (Fatima + Daman).

Honestly, I never paid much attention to baby stuff before. I wasn’t even sure I’d have one. Once you get to a certain age though, and with the right person, things change. Only recently, I actually felt I was finally mature enough to be a father, and my wife seemed to think so too. So we decided to do it. Yes, literally!

A snapshot of baby Fatman from the 3D Ultrasound.

Sure, baby pictures and ultrasounds are not all that interesting to everybody, and I understand that. But when the baby is yours that’s different. I personally find the whole process mind blowing and impossible, but that’s life in general! If you look around, this is where everybody comes from. This baby will become a real life person the same way I did! Still, seeing this human body grow from a tiny seed into a living, breathing complex organism with a spine, hands, fingers, lips, eyes oh yeah, and a personality! It doesn’t seem real or possible to me, like some kind of fantasy. Then you wonder, who will this person become? What talents will they have? Will they like me? Hopefully they won’t be a jerk… well, I guess that’s our job to teach them right from wrong.

We’ve done a couple of the standard black and white 2D ultrasounds, but yesterday we shelled out the cash for a true 3D/4D ultrasound. It is bit like seeing through a window smeared with Campbell’s chunky soup, but we got a clear glimpse of our first baby’s facial features. Check out the recorded session video below!

WATCH: Baby Fatman in the Womb in 3D!

Originally from Sackville, New Brunswick. A longtime media producer, visual designer, marketing and communications specialist, Daman loves travel, technology and being a Dad.


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